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03 June 2011 @ 04:53 pm
New unofficial Do As Infinity fansite: One or Eight!

Jpop/Kpop Icons
[10] Do As Infinity
[06] Rania


Here @ specialattack

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26 May 2011 @ 02:21 pm
Hello DAI fans! This comm may have been inactive for a bit, but DAI sure hasn't been! They released an awesome followup album to Eternal Flame called Eight and are currently in the midst of their Eight tour.

A new single has been announced on their official website! It is called "Chikai".

From Tokyohive: "The single will be released on July 27th and is available in two different versions: a CD-only “Do As Infinity” version and a CD+DVD “Sengoku BASARA” version, as the title track will serve as the theme song to the hit video game. “Chikai” has already claimed the top two spots on mu-mo’s pre-order chart.

~ Do As Infinity Ver. Track List ~
01. Chikai
02. Live track fromLIVE TOUR2011 ~EIGHT~ (TBA)
03. Live track fromLIVE TOUR2011 ~EIGHT~ (TBA)
04. Live track fromLIVE TOUR2011 ~EIGHT~ (TBA)

~ Sengoku BASARA Ver. Track List ~
01. Chikai
02. Chikai -Instrumental-
DVD: ‘Chikai’ BASARA original movie "

Sources: D-A-I.Com, DAI Forum (translation), & Tokyohive.
11 June 2009 @ 12:41 pm
Hello Do As Infinity fans! Over at musicJAPANplus we have recently posted a live report from their show April 16th at Tokyo's C.C.Lemon Hall. This is the show that ended with their announcement that they would be playing at Nippon Budokan this November!

If you're interested in reading, please click here to go to the report.

Thanks for reading!
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  • 3位:123票 Oasis
  • 4位:120票 本日ハ晴天ナリ
  • 5位:107票 あいのうた
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27 October 2008 @ 07:06 pm
lol, because I just received from the mail magazine too...

"Do As Infinity LIVEツアー" ZEPP OSAKA、東京 渋谷C.C.Lemonホールの一般発売のチケットは2分でSOLD OUT!

↑really a great news isn't it? tickets sold out in 2 minutes lol! (that reminds me of SID too.... sorry, this is random XD)
hope they get lots more attention from now on ^_^

another news sent by the mail, A support DAI compaign for their reform is going on.
you can get CD, DVD, live goods, etc.
more info please refer to here

*my japanese isn't that good, if anything goes wrong, sorry about that :]

27 October 2008 @ 12:50 am
あの感動を再び!『a-nation'08~avex ALL CAST SPECIAL LIVE~』2008.11.26 ON SALE!!

More info & tracklist behind...Collapse )
14 October 2008 @ 11:03 am
Tomiko Van
Van. [CD+DVD] (CDA)
Price: Yen- 3800, US$(37.14) Release Date: 10-Dec-2008
Second album release from Tomiko Van of Do As Infinity. Includes all advanced singles such as theme song of the TV series "Oishii Propose," "Flower," theme song to the PlayStation 2 game "Sengoku Basara 2," "Brave," insert song of the TV spots, "Senkou," intro theme to the anime series "Reideen," and more for 11 songs total. Also includes bonus DVD with music video of the all singles and special footage. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.
29 September 2008 @ 12:33 am
It's finally here! September 29, 2008, the 9th anniversary of Do As Infinity's first single, "Tangerine Dream"...

And the day the band is reunited!

Tomorrow, their free live in Yoyogi Park!
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27 September 2008 @ 09:52 pm
Do As Infinity Live Tour!

1/11/2008 - Aichi
4/11/2008 - Osaka
10/11/2008 - Tokyo
11/11/2008 - Tokyo
12/11/2008 - Tokyo

credit: http://d-a-i.com/schedule/tour.html

Schedule: October 5, 2008
30 minute performance by Do As Infinity

credit: http://www.megaweb.gr.jp/Event/Dddl2008/

MTV live @ Kamakuragu
Schedule: October 13, 2008

credit: http://www.mtvjapan.com/event/kamakuragu/

WHAT's IN? Presents 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE! [WHAT's IN? 20]

Schedule: December 1, 2008(Monday)
Opening the doors: 17:30
Starting: 18:30
Starring:Do As Infinity, Ayaka, Ikimono Gakari, flumpool

credit: http://d-a-i.com/schedule/081201.html
27 September 2008 @ 02:09 pm
Presenting Do As Infinity's six studio albums!

All are original rips, some with fixed ID tags, some without. All have a 320kbps bitrate!

''BREAK OF DAWN'' | 1st album

release date | 2000.03.23
size | 128mb
bitrate 320kbps
purchase | CD Japan; YesAsia

001; Break of Dawn
002; Standing on the hill
003; Oasis
004; Another
005; Kokoro no Chizu
006; Heart
007; Raven
008; Welcome!
009; Painful
010; Tangerine Dream
011; Yesterday & Today
012; Chiriyuku Yuube (Acoustic Version)
013; Oasis (Acoustic Version)


''NEW WORLD'' | 2nd album

release date | 2001.02.21
size | 122mb
bitratepurchase | CD Japan; YesAsia

001; New World (Album Mix)
003; Desire
004; We are.
005; Snail
006; Eien
007; rumble fish
008; Holiday
009; 135
010; Wings510
012; Yesterday & Today (Strings Orchestra Version)


''DEEP FOREST'' | 3rd album

release date | 2001.09.19
size | 116mb
bitrate | 320kbps
purchase | CD Japan; YesAsia

001; Fukai Mori
002; Tooku Made
003; Tadaima
004; Get yourself
005; Tsubasa no Keikaku
006; Kouzou Kaikaku
007; Koi Otome
008; Week!
009; Hang out
010; Boukenshatachi
011; Enrai
012; Signal (Album Remix)


''TRUE SONG'' | 4th album

release date | 2002.12.26
size | 126mb
bitrate | 320kbps
purchase | CD Japan

001; Kuusou Ryoudan
002; under the sun
003; Good for you
004; I can't be myself
005; Perfect Lady
006; Shinjitsu no Uta
007; Grateful Journey
008; One or Eight
009; sense of life
011; Ai no Uta
secret track; Tooku Made (3rd Anniversary Special Live)


''GATES OF HEAVEN'' | 5th album

release date | 2003.11.23
size | 119mb
purchase | CD Japan; YesAsia

001; Gates of Heaven
002; Honjitsu wa Seitan Nari
003; Hiiragi
004; Azaya Kanahana
005; Mahou no Kobata ~Would You Marry Me~
006; Buranko
007; D/N/A
008; Weeds
009; Field of Dreams
010; Kagaku no Yoru
011; Thanksgiving Day
012; Honjitsu wa Seitan Nari (a-nation '03 Live)


''NEED YOUR LOVE'' | 6th album

release date | 2005.02.16
size | 113 mb
bitrate | 320kbps
purchase | CD Japan; YesAsia

001; For the future
002; Blue
003; BE FREE
004; Rakuen
005; Ever...
006; one flesh
007; ROBOT
008; Yotaka no Yume
009; Ultimate G.V.
010; Need your love
011; Nano Hanabatake
012; Hiiragi (acoustic ver)