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26 May 2011 @ 02:21 pm
New Single "誓い" Announced  
Hello DAI fans! This comm may have been inactive for a bit, but DAI sure hasn't been! They released an awesome followup album to Eternal Flame called Eight and are currently in the midst of their Eight tour.

A new single has been announced on their official website! It is called "Chikai".

From Tokyohive: "The single will be released on July 27th and is available in two different versions: a CD-only “Do As Infinity” version and a CD+DVD “Sengoku BASARA” version, as the title track will serve as the theme song to the hit video game. “Chikai” has already claimed the top two spots on mu-mo’s pre-order chart.

~ Do As Infinity Ver. Track List ~
01. Chikai
02. Live track fromLIVE TOUR2011 ~EIGHT~ (TBA)
03. Live track fromLIVE TOUR2011 ~EIGHT~ (TBA)
04. Live track fromLIVE TOUR2011 ~EIGHT~ (TBA)

~ Sengoku BASARA Ver. Track List ~
01. Chikai
02. Chikai -Instrumental-
DVD: ‘Chikai’ BASARA original movie "

Sources: D-A-I.Com, DAI Forum (translation), & Tokyohive.